Κρεβάτια Biron

Premium Beds

Whether you are looking for a bed to upgrade the quality of your sleep, one to compliment your existing space aesthetics or a statement piece to elevate your bedroom’s design, our carefully curated Premium collection tick all the boxes!

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Κρεβάτια Biron

Economy Beds

Charming to the end, our Economy metal bed collection combines a comfortable feeling with a touch of elegance. With an extensive range of options to explore, our selection guarantees to suit every budget and complement any aesthetic!

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Κουκέτες Biron

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an ideal solution for limited spaces, cozy sleepovers, as well as for making bed time more fun! Make the most of every inch of space in your smaller bedroom with our collection of high quality options!

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Καναπέδες Biron

Sofa Beds

Blending practicality and style in one all-purpose design, sofa beds offer a range of benefits! Discover your favourite design from our unique selection and utilise your space without compromising on aesthetics and quality.

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The Art of Restful Living

With unmatched prices and quality, Biron is your one-stop destination for recreating your bedroom into a perfect sanctuary!


At Biron, we make your dreams of a better night’s sleep come true,with anatomic bedframes that give you the best possible level of support and comfort!

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Bedside Tables

Our beautiful collection of bedside tables and vanities offers a happy marriage of style, versatility, and elegance. Discover your favourite design to compliment your bedroom!

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Explore a wide range of bed mechanisms that combines the characteristics of elegance, comfort and durability, ensuring full compliance with yourneeds and requirements!

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